Sunday, December 23, 2007

Moo ey Christmas

Is my son ignorant, brave, stupid or am I? He loves cows and I found him at 2 years old in the hay shed talking to the cows he'd let in. I was freaked out because he could have been trampled to death, because poppy should have been looking after him, because my instinct made me rush down to the cattle yards like a mad woman, because my instincts were right and he WAS in danger. Dad was in the race with another mad woman treating her for pinkeye. They all thought son was okay because he was on the other side of the fence, but they forgot that they were letting the cows out of the race onto the OTHER SIDE of the fence. hello?

This is said son in yet another paddock full of cows. oblivious. good farm kid. bad mummy.

The end of the story - my son just walked right on by that big brutey bull and didn't blink an eyelid, neither did the bull. However. when the other kids walked by... the big brutey bull got all funny and blinked at them. They screamed and ran. city kids. tut.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 sleeps

until my boy can open all the presents under the tree (even though they aren't his).
I hope the courier man recovered his brain and his ethics and redelivered the parcel to Big Dave's house in Melbourne. I also hope the courier man did the same thing for Little Dave in Tasmania.

Merry Christmas every one. Have a lovely day.
Thank you God for the rain, rain and more rain. Flooding here in Canberra and we are on a hill! Drive Safe, Eat Well, Drink Some and Be Nice To All.

sorry. I don't have any christmas shots saved on this puter. You'll have to put up with my easter shot (it was late, we'd had a few, and we still had to hide the eggs.... )

Oh, and AngiefromOZ - Gatton? You're from Gatton?!! Awesome. Have you had rain yet? We're drowning. Hope you are too. (metaphorically)

Merry Xmas everyone.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

a gift

After Charlie died the hospital put me into counselling and I had a last counselling session with my counsellor this week before she takes 6 months off. As usual it was gut wrenching because she made me get to the point. It's really hard to go back to work after a session - I usually get comments like "are you okay?" But I really liked her and she was warm and comforting and made me feel calm again. She told me at the end of the session that she had a gift for me because she felt we were connected in a few ways... she lost her baby, so did I. She lost her mum, so did I. She buried her mum when I buried my son... She thought I would appreciate her gift because when Charlie died my sister gave me a butterfly brooch to wear in memory of him. I couldn't step out of my bedroom without that brooch pinned to my chest. If I did I broke down. I love that butterfly.
So she gave me a gift. A piece of blown glass from her mother's estate. It's clear, a tear shape, and has red pieces blown inside it. I love that piece of glass.

I have never received anything as beautiful as that butterfly and that piece of glass.

Thank you.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Merry Christmas!

How much fun has this little boy had making a gingerbread house?! This is William, Jack's cousin in Melbourne. I bought home a gingerbread house in pieces today, thanks to Parul and Yuen Peng and the Uniting Church, and we will be decorating it this weekend. Jack can't wait!