Thursday, March 15, 2007

Did you miss me?

Well I'm back after a few months off - lots of things happening, but the main one is that the apple season is about to start and we are about to descend into the craziness of bloody hardwork, not much sleep, lots of travel to and from the farm, no sleep and apples, apples, apples everywhere.
Jack was on the road to recovery from GF but then he came down with an ear infection. No Cows Milk for Jack me thinks. He seems to have an intolerance so I'm on the lookout for a GOAT to milk. Anyone?
Oh, and I've discovered the wonderful, wonderful world of Stampin Up! Oh my, their ink pads are beautiful. I've just taken delivery of the stamp cleaner and its a dream to use. I used to wash my stamps in the kitchen sink (sacrilege I know) but now I 'squirt, wipe and put them away'...thanks Katie!
I shall leave you with a small sample of tonight's artwork courtesy of StampinUp.