Sunday, January 28, 2007


How can a 2 year old get glandular fever?

Jack has had a high fever for 4 days, then he developed a rash all over his body. So we took him to the doctor to confirm what we thought was measles.... we came away with a diagnosis of Glandular Fever, or the Epstein-Barr virus infectious mononucleosis.

I am gutted.

All the doctor would say was 'don't let him play rough - his spleen might tear'.

His spleen?

You have no idea how gutted I am.
Oh, and the little line at the end of the information print-out says "periodically, the virus can reactivate..."

Gutted. Absolutely Gutted.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

a tiny brag

I did an ATC swap about how I see Mother England. I wrote a tiny ezine and put it in a minature envelope, addressed and with stamp. This is how I was rated by the people I swapped with.

this was the best ATC ever! creatively envisioned and executed. wonderful sentiments expressed with it. bekka
Oh Madge, your Mother E card was sooo beautiful and your letter was absolutely delightful. You are a talented writer! You get a 5+++++++. Thank you so much, it really brightened my day. I have it on my desk. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Kind Regards, Sue

the Mother England ACT - unfolded

the Fruity ATC, Carnivale ATC, Red White and Black ATC

the Mother England ATC with envelope.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So Relaxed...

We've just returned from one of the best holidays we've ever had. Camping in the annex of the Thommo's caravan - 4 adults, 5 kids under 12, 3 water slides, 2 wahu vests, 1 blow up dinghy, a games room, a trip to the beach, a prawning expedition and a bike track that went around and around and returned back to the front door (thanks to the neighbours who kindly sent Jack back home) and one shower on average every 3 days for every 2 persons.... yes we had pool hair, beach hair, bed hair and wind hair - then finally we had clean hair!

We were really impressed with the organisation of a family with 4 kids - shelves and a spot for everything! But look out Donna - John is bringing his very own garbage bin next year - he was amused the first time he hit his head on the garbage bag hanging on the corner of the door of the annexe, annoyed the second time, angry the tenth time and next year he's bringing his own garbage system!

Excellent idea boys. go prawning in a 2 foot dinghy. (4 hours later it had a hole in the bottom)

And how funny is a game of cards with John instructing, Craig cheating, Margaret eating chocolate and telling rude jokes and Donna giggling. John never noticed how much chocolate I ate.

Thanks for an awesome pick-us-up holiday and great start to the year.

And finally, tell Janae that Jack does love her - he just needs to grow up a bit...