Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new craft room

I have finally sorted myself out into a new craft room and if I may say so it is now my happy place!  I think it's important to have a happy place, don't you?

I have a few different ways of storing ribbon. One way is in this tool box.  My sons love looking in this box.

This is the view from our bedroom.  It's so peaceful to wake up to this every morning.

  Another storage system for ribbons - these are all my Stampin' Up! ribbons.  Having them in this box makes them easy to cart around to parties.

And yet another ribbon storage system - all the offcuts go in here.  I love looking at the colours. These bottles (with the lids) once belonged to Jack's great great grandmother and was used in her cafe.
And here are my Stampin' Up ink pads.  My refills are missing!  I think they are on top and out of shot.  The cupboard beside this one houses my envelopes and projects on the go. And yes, there are my beautiful watercolour crayons - having lots of fun at the moment with those.

this was my valentine's present to DH - a magic box of love!

These are my fat / quilters quarters. My stepmother owns a fabric and craft shop in Tassie and sent me these for you! If you would like to buy them they are only $2 (plain), $4 and $6 (patterned) a quarter.

As you can see I now have a happy place for my creativity.



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