Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Big House

after 2 weeks of sifting, sorting and moving, we have Shirley and Bruce settled in their new home... the granny flat at the end of their old house.  Now it's our turn to sift, sort and move our home into The Big House.  I must say that it was an enormous task to pack away 52 years of memories, and it would not have been done except with the help of Anne and Noel.  Noel built a beautiful new deck onto the granny flat where they can sit in the sunshine and watch the activities around them. Anne sifted and sorted and packed and moved... and I helped!  Jack and Liam were wonderful - such good boys.

Noel has now officially worked in ALL weather - sun, rain, sleet, hail, floods and snow.  We had torrential rain here last week and Adelong, Tumbarumba and Tumut were flooded and some parts evacuated.  Only Batlow survived.  Adelong was declared a natural disaster.  The day after the flooding, we woke up to snow!  Today was a frost... crazy!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feeling for you all over there with the weather. Glad the shift went well, you will all soon feel quite at home in your "new" home.

12:11 am  

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