Thursday, January 18, 2007

a tiny brag

I did an ATC swap about how I see Mother England. I wrote a tiny ezine and put it in a minature envelope, addressed and with stamp. This is how I was rated by the people I swapped with.

this was the best ATC ever! creatively envisioned and executed. wonderful sentiments expressed with it. bekka
Oh Madge, your Mother E card was sooo beautiful and your letter was absolutely delightful. You are a talented writer! You get a 5+++++++. Thank you so much, it really brightened my day. I have it on my desk. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Kind Regards, Sue

the Mother England ACT - unfolded

the Fruity ATC, Carnivale ATC, Red White and Black ATC

the Mother England ATC with envelope.



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