Saturday, December 30, 2006

Merry Christmas from Jack!

Very Merry Christmas had by all at Batlow. Shirley, Bruce, Justine, Miles, Caitlin, Paul, Anne, Noel, John, Margaret and Jack (who had many "kids, kids!" to play with (Miles) and we found them both on their way up the pine tree at one time). Lots and lots of food and plenty of wine from the Barossa. Caitlin shopped, scrapped, browsed and read. Miles read and walked and taught me all about his new hobby (I hope you spent your money wisely Miles!). Far too many presents for Jack - but he loves the jigsaw book of australian native animals (we read it every night), and the train that Arty helped to rescue (that's Jack for Aunty Justine). And we all went swimming at the Batlow pool and spent hours chasing Jack in and out of the pool. He loves a swim. I can relax now - I've bought him a Wahu Vest and he can swim on his own.
Oh and Happy Birthday Noel and John.
Tipper getting a cuddle from Miles.

Jack putting baubles on the christmas tree in Canberra - he LOVES christmas trees!

Caitlin scrapping away - just don't look at her clothes - it was cold and we didn't have too many warm clothes.



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