Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mr Potato Head Turns 2

Jack has turned 2 and spent a wonderful day riding around on his new trike and entertaining the girls from next door. He loves his new Mr Potato Head (thanks Cassie!) and goes to bed with him on its own pillow next to his. He also spent an afternoon with a friend and his new jeep. That's Jack in the passenger seat hanging on to the seatbelt very tightly!
And what a week. I cannot believe how gutted I feel about Steve Irwin's death. Maybe its because I was 3 and my sister was 8 when our mum died. I just feel their pain.
And even though my first date with my DH was to Sandown to watch the V8s and our second date was to Bathurst, in my DH's Brock Commodore, I still feel sadder about Irwin than I do about Brockie.



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