Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shop Local

So much has happened in the last fortnight that I don't know where to begin.
We've spent two weekends out of the last four at the farm - the last one being disastrous for Jack who was ill AGAIN with teething, flu, conjuctivitis and fevers of 40 degrees. I spent four days with him sleeping in my arms in the armchair in front of the fire or in our bed. We ended up in the surgery at Batlow with him and I met lots of locals who were so kind as to be concerned for him. Even going so far as to ask his grandparents in the street the next week how he was! Small towns are wonderful. Shop local I say. If you don't then don't expect the business to be there when you need it. Batlow has an amazing doctor who has two surgeries and gets locum/student doctors in from the big city, regularly. True blue battler he is. And if those snobby city doctors don't want to work in the country they don't deserve the food to land on their plates from the country farmers. I digress.
We had a great time though with DH's brother, sister, partner (who drove 13 hours from the Barossa Valley just to see us). Ever played trivial pursuit with three siblings who think they know everything? Really funny. Throw in a few bottles of wine, two spouses who object to their knowing everything and you have a really LOUD game!
DH took me shopping today - bought me some beautiful clothes. And last night he came home with a bunch of roses - all different colours and scents - red, pink, orange, yellow, white and watermelon. Beautiful. How lovely is he? This morning I showed them to DS who smelled each rose ever so carefully. I am proud to say that my DH is a malborough man/snag and my DS is a snag in the making. Does anyone know what a marlborough man is besides me?
And I've dobbed myself in for my first EVER ATC swap card thingy. How could I resist a theme of 'fruity'? Me, the orchardist's wife, doing a fruity ATC - Its the principle of the thing.



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