Thursday, July 13, 2006


I had a moment of clarity today. It was as my bus was pulling into the bus stop on the way home... I saw a guy standing at the bus stop wearing a pale green jumper with 9 pink and white Galahs knitted into the pattern.
Now, my father has just such a jumper, except that it has an englishman with a rifle and two hunting dogs on the front. He wears it to make a statement (he wears it to church, he wore it to a parade at Duntroon, I think he wore it to the Pauline Hanson rally) and even though its nearly two sizes too small he still wears it proudly. And I am so curious about that man at the bus stop... is he also wearing it to make a statement? who knitted it for him? did he pick it up at the op shop or did he order it? does his wife like it? Why Galahs? Why not Rosellas or Crows? What football team is affiliated with Galahs?
He's obviously NOT an orchardist.



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