Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fresh Air

We spent the weekend down at the farm again, three days of fresh air, cold nights and wood fires. DH spent it chopping wood for the oldies and the tenants. We have a part of the property which we call ‘the timber block’ – it is all bush and gum trees and after a bad electrical storm about 8 years ago (and others) we have plenty of ‘dead’ wood that can be chopped up and used for heating. DS was excited by Kathy’s dogs (our fantastic tenant in the cabin) and the tractor driving – he can now move the steering wheel and sits in front of DH on the seat and goes everywhere with him. I cooked up a storm for the FIL who is still on his own and pleased to see us arrive.

I’m sure people are beginning to think I am snobby and brag about the farm all the time, but it is my life. It’s not glamorous and there’s no money in it, and we spend every spare moment there – how we wish for a holiday at the beach!


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