Monday, June 12, 2006


yes it's the long weekend and Guy Fawkes' ghost is visiting our capital. Today we saw firecrackers being sold over 'the card table' in the middle of the mall. Never mind the poor dogs, what about the poor toddlers trying to sleep and being scared by all the big bangs?
I always worried that I wasn't accomplishing enough but really I think I'm alright. We've had the MIL and BIL for lunch on Saturday. The BIL was happy and talking 100 miles an hour to DS. The MIL was on her way to her sister's on the westcoast, and very nervous about the flight. DH took MIL and BIL to airport, left me with a ratty DS and it took two minutes for me to work out why he was ratty - RALPH! All over me, him, the kitchen floor, his toys, everything. Then when he was cleaned up - RALPH! AGAIN! Poor thing gets quite distressed at yuckies - I think it was the egg I gave him. Then yesterday, despite the pelting rain, we had a day of clean ups and washing, washing, and more washing. Today we went to the mall to get some photos printed and to Bunnings. Thank God for the craft aisle is all I say. We bought a rubber mallet for DS' toolbox and a tool belt for DS that DH claimed when we got home....! DS has been following DH around and helping him fix everything and uses the hammer, the screwdriver and the nuts and bolts with ease (I'm worried about my towel rail). So I cleared out my stuff out of a toolbox and it's now DS'.
Tonight was THE night for DS to move into the Big Bed. My DS is a legend. Straight into bed, storytime and asleep quick as a wink. Awesome. As Usual.
But the best thing about the weekend was talking to GF. Really good to talk to her. Swore our head off at each other as usual. Vented our spleens about the relatives. Excellent! Where would I be without my HB? Talking about relatives, had a talk (took me 6 months to pick up the phone) with my Sis. Who tells me she was allergic to egg too. It's my nephew's birthday today - happy birthday DF! Hope you had a good one. Greetings to those in our gene pool in Honolulu and may the nits of a thousand camels invade my father's armpits for what he is doing to my sister and her family.
Must off. Lots of scrapbooking to do.


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