Friday, June 09, 2006

so excitement

well. here I am - a blogger. amazing what scrapbooking does to you isn't it?
Everyone is doing it so I thought I would put a HUGE flag out there and you never know my family might read it - I've been waiting for a phone call for 10 years but miracles can happen.
Work was busy today, got home and Jack (DS) is in the garden with John (DH) playing with the hose and the dog bowl and its 8 degrees. Covered in mud and grass and having a ball - smiling from ear to ear. John was putting the finishing touches to the front fence and was similarly covered in mud, water and grass. Should I be happy or irritated. They're happy. So am I.
Finished a farewell 'card' for a colleague at work - ended up being a mini album in a box and received the comments 'Awesome', 'You should get paid for this' (thanks a ScraptheLot voucher will do) and 'Can you do one for me?' (YES - just send photos). I really enjoy doing them for my friends at work - the enjoyment for me is watching their faces when they open it.
Must go. Mother-in-law is visiting tomorrow on her way to Perth, so must clean the house.



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