Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Phantom Pains

The MIL's 80th birthday party went really well. Everyone had a wonderful day. I made the invitations and inserted a little message card that could be brought with them to the party to insert into an album - all and more were returned to Shirley with the most wonderful messages of friendship and affection. Was way more successful than I thought and everyone enjoyed flicking through the album and reading everyone else's messages! MIL had a really nice time with all her loved ones around her. Photos are really bad because the DH used all the memory space on the camera for video. But if you know the MIL, you'll know the cats in the photos (to quote the SIL). We had a really nice meal at the Corner Restaurant, Batlow - excellent staff, really helpful and lots of nice food.

For the first time in 2 years I am bach-ing it. My DH and DS are at the farm. DH is doing a chemical users certificate for the orchard for two days. DS went with him to stay with Nana while Mum is at work. Oh me oh my. If I think about it I'll cry or pine or do both so I'll do the next best thing to drinking and that's scrapbooking!



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