Sunday, September 24, 2006


I haven't kept a record of Jack's progress for a long time so I'll do it here. He speaks, but only in private with me and John, never in a crowd. He seems to be the observant type not the rowdy type. He loves to climb a tree and will get so high up the tree (in the front yard) that he's over my head. Loves any animals and is interested in "...nts!" at the moment - yes that's Jack-for-Ant. Except he keeps trying to squash them. Knows how to say - "Baa" (sheep), "Moo" (cow), "ggggg" for grrrgh lions, tigers, crocodiles etc., "Bum" (that's Mr Potato Head's Bum that all the little bits and pieces are kept in!), "NO!", "Mum", "Daaa" (that's Jack for where's Dad?), "Oh No" when something gets spilt, "Bye" (he chats on his phone and puts it down on the ground and says loudly, BYE! - do I do that??!), "Fly" for butterfly, "ZZZ" for bee, "dink" for drink, "skit" for biscuit (shame on you mummy), "Light", "s...wing" for please push me higher Mum!, "swim" for a swim in the bath, and "NOOOOOO" when he doesn't want to get out of the bath. If I try to change his nappy, he just pulls his trousers back up and runs off without a nappy, saying NOOOOOO! Toilet training coming right up! A girlfriend suggested I wait to summer and then the accidents can happen outside - happy with that idea!

He prefers to sleep in our bed with his arm around my neck and his face pressed up against mine, sucking his thumb. I have a story book called "I love you mummy" about lots of kids saying what they like about their mum and at the end it says "I love you mummy"... when I get to that line he reaches up and hugs me! beautiful

One day Jack and I were sitting at the kitchen table having an ice cream in a little square cone, when Daddy came in, sat down and said to Jack - "Can I have some of your icecream, Jack? Jack looked at him quietly, looked at me, looked down at his icecream and then he reached over, took the icecream out of my hands and gave it to John. How funny is that?! We laughed and laughed and laughed.

And he LOVES a wrestle with Dad - nothing is too rough! I get upset and make them stop - Jack pulls his hair and jumps up and down on his back and slaps his head - I wish I could do that to him but wives aren't allowed to are they?!

love you son,
Mummy Madge


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