Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 sleeps

until my boy can open all the presents under the tree (even though they aren't his).
I hope the courier man recovered his brain and his ethics and redelivered the parcel to Big Dave's house in Melbourne. I also hope the courier man did the same thing for Little Dave in Tasmania.

Merry Christmas every one. Have a lovely day.
Thank you God for the rain, rain and more rain. Flooding here in Canberra and we are on a hill! Drive Safe, Eat Well, Drink Some and Be Nice To All.

sorry. I don't have any christmas shots saved on this puter. You'll have to put up with my easter shot (it was late, we'd had a few, and we still had to hide the eggs.... )

Oh, and AngiefromOZ - Gatton? You're from Gatton?!! Awesome. Have you had rain yet? We're drowning. Hope you are too. (metaphorically)

Merry Xmas everyone.



Anonymous sarah said...

you defently look like a rabbit.

4:58 pm  

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