Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Gluten Free and Allergy Show

I'm off to the Gluten Free and Allergy Show in Sydney on November 17. Mum and I are driving up together - we've got the day off from the MOTHs and we're gonna burn rubber up to Sydney with a brain full of impertinent questions. If your child has food intolerances then maybe you should join us. There's two of us going and if you'd like to join the car pool then email me! She doesn't know it yet but while we are enjoying the fast moving scenery, I intend to get Mum to brain dump on me everything she knows - and after 3 kids she knows quite a bit! I mean, I'VE never heard of Kamut bread, have you?

If you can't join us but you want some answers, then email me your questions and I'll try to get the answers.

We have just discovered that Jack is dairy intolerant and I have a sneaky suspicion that he is gluten intolerant too - AARRRGGGHHH! Well I am asthmatic and John gets really bad hay fever so he smokes to disguise the symptoms (outside the house btw), so what did I expect? NOW that I know a bit, what did I expect?!!

Oh, and Katie - a drop toilet is an outside toilet - way up the back of the yard, with no lighting and no flush. Creep through the back yard with your candle, making sure that the breeze doesn't blow it out before you get there, open the dusty door and make sure the breeze doesn't blow your candle out, hold the candle high above your head and make sure you have no company and there are no eyes watching you, and then flush with a large helping of ashes, open the door quickly and make sure the breeze doesn't blow your candle out and then run like HELL back to the house and the safety of your warm bed and swear you'll go before sunset next time. That's a long drop toilet.



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