Wednesday, October 31, 2007


well the unthinkable has happened and I have been tagged - how funny! thanks Manon!

7 random things about me?

1. I'm currently reading "Children of a toxic harvest" by Eve Hillary - a biography about a woman who has an environmental illness. Very disturbing and a life changing read.

2. I grew up on farms (dairy, grapes, oranges, cattle) and my parents were self sufficient - we made our own cheese, butter, bread, grew our own vegies, meat, honey etc. Have you ever harvested honey - its a funny experience! We had an irigation channel on our property in WA that ran all the way past the school and on hot days in summer my sister and I used to jump in at the top (after school) and float all the way down the channel to home and then eat grapes til we got to the house. Dad would freak!

3. re No. 2 above, suffice to say we had a long drop toilet until I was 16 when I left home.

4. I always wanted to be a seamstress and almost had an opportunity to go to Paris. I still want to go to a fashion show in Milan or Paris one day, and I'll fill my suitcase with embellishments while I'm there. I was a seamstress for a few weeks with Hickory making lingerie, and I even prepared the garments for a fashion show but the dragon I worked for wouldn't let me watch it.

5. My step mum has a fabric shop and I want to work in it but she's in Tassie and I'm in Canberra.

6. I worked for 11 years for Foster's Group (Carlton and United) and we had the most amazing bar in the head office that went for miles - but guess who doesn't drink?!! How happy was my husband to get free beer every month?! I once had a special beer made for me for xmas by the brewers - it later became a very successful women's beer. I clicked over 10 years with Foster's on September 11, 2001. Needless to say I don't have that certificate on my wall.

7. My first date with John was Sandown (V8 supercars) and my second date with John was Bathurst (V8 supercars). I love them. I asked Peter Brock's wife, Beverly for her autograph and she signed it "peter brock" - what the?! I also had Russell Ingalls sign my boob. (it was covered by my t-shirt though)

so there we go. That's me for you. I tag Katie.


Blogger Katie said...

OMG! I've never been tagged before...give me some time to think about the 7 random things about myself. (Is that all I'm supposed to do?)
You'll have to tell me what a "drop toilet" is....sorry I'm not from here and haven't heard of that term before.
Loved your random things BTW!!! I had no idea!

9:23 pm  

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