Wednesday, October 03, 2007

David Fry

Remember that name won't you - David Fry - because one day you'll see him at the Olympics! He's ambitious and pretty determined! Imagine his horror to find that upon visiting his Aunty Madge he realised that we didn't have a home gym, just a trampoline and a tractor or two. To keep 'fit' he started lifting Jack and Sarah and eventually got desparate and lifted me! That's 90kg me! Amazing. BTW his sport is soccer and he's an athlete with the Tasmania Institute of Sport in rowing. He went for a tour around the AIS and had a chat/tour with Mitch Punch around the AIS and saw them training. It was a really big ask of Mitch to do that for me but he did and David was so excited to meet him and to learn from him. SO EXCITED. STOKED. PUMPED. Now he can see his goal and I have no doubt that he'll get there.

These pictures are our feeble attempt to help David keep fit!



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