Monday, August 20, 2007

Head Space

I feel like I've lived a year in one weekend.
Friday at work I had a chat with the boss and had to relive the last 10 weeks with him - my hands wouldn't stop shaking until I'd had a nap. Saturday night we went to a friend's for dinner - hadn't seen them for 10 years and had a visit from other friends a few weeks ago who told us they lived directly opposite us! Wow. So we went for dinner and the person who opened the door was ANOTHER old friend! I got past the door and walked into the lounge and there was ANOTHER old friend. Amazing. Sunday morning we went to the markets and met ANOTHER old friend who offered John a new job. And then I escaped for a while in the afternoon and decided to visit KISS for the first time. How exciting is Lana's shop - love shops like that! I spent 3 hours there just looking and exploring. And now today John has gone off to talk to the 'new job people' and I have to find child care for Jack, starting tomorrow (gggrrrr John). And I was booked in for surgery on Wednesday and after speaking with the specialist (how lucky am I that he had the time to talk to me) and now I don't have to have it. SO RELIEVED. and then I checked as I do every day and I WON! Thank you so much Philippa - it's not often that I am grateful for having grown up in Tassie!
what a weekend.
must away - new stamps to play with. don't know the name of them but they are clear, unmounted and gorgeous mini chickie babes in silhouette.


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