Saturday, November 24, 2007

Spread the Word - DigestEasy

well we survived the car trip to Sydney - too much rubbish to eat on the way, too much pollution and way too much traffic! next time I go near that place I'm flying.

But the Show was fantastic, everywhere we went I learnt something new. Claudia was amazing - she knows her stuff. Every stall we visited (like, every one of them!) she said, "Now where can I buy this in Canberra?" By the end of the day I think everyone knew about us Canberrans and hopefully most of those stall holders will descend on our health food shops. I told everyone I met that there was a HUGE market in Canberra, JUST HUGE!!

There were 3 things I learnt that will help me...

1. Ogran. They make everything gluten free. Orgran are my friend.

2. Dairy free icecream tastes good believe it or not.

3. BioHawk. Drink this DigestEasy and you don't need anything else. Hard to believe I know but true. I met Professor Cliff Hawkins (BSc PhD DSc, CEO of Natbio and a lot more VERY impressive credentials) at his stall and after his off-sider gave me the spiel I said "WHY is everyone else here at this show? Why aren't you the only one here?" Sounds dumb but Professor Hawkins has discovered (after 40 years of research) that 'susceptibility to the diseases linked to food protein intolerance is genetically determined" and has created BioHawk DigestEasy (also known as Zb spices). You take it as a day and night tonic and use it in the preparation of food made from all those things you are intolerant of, and it breaks down the proteins that cause the food intolerance and allergies. Truly amazing.

How can it help? And I quote: "Biohawk's DigestEasy with its special blend of ginger spices is rich in enzymes designed by nature to break down proteins with structures that cause health and nutritional problems as well as over 200 other extensively studied bio-actives. The NatBio-bioHawk technology harvests the full potential of the ginger spices. The special blend of ginger spices eliminates the immune hypersensitivity to the proteins in particular foods and on the surfaces of micro-organisms. In addition, in order to obtain the benefits of Biohawk DigestEasy, the product can be taken orally, or added during the processing of food, for example when making bread or pasta."

If you want some then email cliff[dot]hawkins[at]bigpond[dot]com or write PO Box 86 Archerfield QLD 4108. Stupidly Claudia and I didn't have $20 between us (and believe me we turned our handbags inside out) to buy the smallest bottle.

This stuff is life changing. Spread the word.



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