Saturday, January 19, 2008


Thought I'd let Professor Hawkins know that since receiving the DigestEasy, Jack has been going great - I give him 2.67ml every day, or I put a couple of drops into whatever I'm cooking. Seems to be working fine. Amazing. I made the mistake a giving it to him neat the very first time... I can hear you cringeing from here... couldn't believe I could be so stupid. It burns worse than a neat whiskey. But now he drinks it fine and it works great in the cooking - a bit of ginger in a stir fry is a good thing!

And my beloved husband bought me a starter kit for StampinUp for christmas this year. Awesome! I am teaching my first workshop on Tuesday night. They requested kids cards - I want it to be a really happy inspiring workshop so wish me luck. (Apparently some people I know think I'm angry and not fun to be around and not worth the trouble - well when you finally lose one of your children I might just repeat that back to you, you idiot.)

I'll leave you with this photo...



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