Friday, August 08, 2008

On the Move

Well we've finally decided to bite the bullet and move back to our farm in Batlow - 'Adamilla'.

When I met up with John again in 1996 (I met him when I was 20) and we got together, I always knew that at some point we would be moving back to the farm and I would be a fair dinkum farmer's wife full time. John's mum and dad still reside on the property and we go back regularly to do the heavy jobs ie. hay carting, apple picking, cow sorting (is there such a thing?) etc. And after 4 years of travelling a 14 hour return trip and 6 years of a 6 hour return trip we are finally upping roots and moving to the farm permanently.

I can't wait - seriously!

I'm going to have a great big vegie garden, a great huge craft studio, a guest bedroom, a fantastic view of the mountains, a mother-in-law a few hundred metres up the road (my MIL is awesome) who is THE best cook I've ever met besides my brother-in-law who is THE best chef I've ever met, a slow combustion stove (plus an electric one because I'm not that good boys and girls!) and my very own sunroom complete with rocking chair and loads of sunshine!

All I have to do is pack. pack, pack, pack.

I will still be available to take orders from all my lovely StampinUp! customers, and by the way there is a new StampinUp mini catalogue, and if you would like the catalogue just email me at madebymadge[at]yahoo[dot]com.

If you would like to purchase ribbon from StampinUp! but can't see yourself using all 13 metres of one colour then perhaps you would like to join my ribbon club. All you have to do is purchase one spool of ribbon, we put all the spools together, and then we take a few metres of each colour for each person. That way we get multiple colours for the price of one spool of ribbon! Good idea or not?! If you would like to join then just email me and we can begin our collection!

must go, the cardboard boxes beckon!


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