Saturday, May 24, 2008

30 years

I was asked to do an album for the Boss who has just clocked over 30 years with our firm. I was chatting with someone one day and we both thought it would be a good idea. So I went away and stewed on it for about 2 months, started emailing his mates that he'd worked with over the years and asked them for stories... I received a great response - Lots of funny stories - Most of which should have been edited by the political police, but weren't! He's a nice bloke - really hard working, intense and loves a laugh, a beer and a good footy match! I made it black and white for his beloved 'Pies. I used old photos I found around the office and left lots of white space and black space for people to write messages. I passed it around the office with a black pen and a white pen - it took days because everyone wanted to read it first! Apparently he liked it but he's not sure because its still going around the office for signatures!!

I hurriedly took photos but they're awful because it was late at night and my hands were shaking (bloody camera). If someone could teach me how to do a mosaic of photos I would be grateful!



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