Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I had a bit of a win today.

After 9 weeks without a functioning washing machine - yes that's right NINE WEEKS... N.I.N.E. W.E.E.K.S. without a washing machine, I have been offered a brand new one for $245.00 payable immeGIATELY. I have had visits from 4 different repair men, 6 different parts on order and one was even sourced from Japan (go figure) but no-one could fix it

Yesterday was the last straw... I welcomed the repair man into my home, set my child up in the lounge with an exciting toy (blocks) and asked him to play while mummy swept the floor in the kitchen (all the while keeping a quiet eye on the repair man - don't worry, he was about 90 not out and shrivelled) and listed to what he was doing to my beloved stupid machine.

heard a bit of tinkering, (he took the face, the sides, the back off) and then I heard a click and a loud BUZZZZZ and a quiet YOW! and went in to find the man standing in a puddle of water with a puzzled look on his face. He had 'blown up' yet another control board. I said


Well the end of the story is that after my concerned phone call to Electrolux the Manufacturer, and my lodgement of a timeline of the circus, Electrolux have offered me a new machine for $245.

I said


Tomorrow. "

Well I got my new machine, plugged it in and away we go again on the roundabout of life in my laundry - 10 loads a week.



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