Monday, March 10, 2008

Hug a Chook

We spent 3 days at the farm - cleaning up the cabin for a new tenant, feeding the FIL, hugging chooks... yes that was Jack's 'thing' for the weekend - he chased them around their paddock and caught them just so he could hug them! we'd be sitting having a cup of tea on the verandah and around the side of the house would come Jack with a chook in his arms. It was SOOO funny! But we won't talk about pecking or birdflu...

I am doing another workshop next week and spent yesterday preparing (while John spent the day on the roof doing repairs - I got the best deal). Jack raced from me to John all day! Here are the cards I have prepared.

Also, StampinUp are releasing their new catalogue on 1 April and much of the current catalogue is 'retiring' (I giggled the first time I heard that!). If you'd like to know what is retiring and will never be available again, see the website for their list If you would like to place an order or book a workshop then feel free to email me.



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