Monday, May 12, 2008


As you would have read (that is if you read my blog) I have been using DigestEasy on Jack, who is dairy intolerant. Well I thought I had better do an update for all of you who are interested. Some interesting points:

- If some 'turkey' has fed Jack ice cream or a candy cane lolly or a drink of cows milk (don't ask!) I have up to 48 hours to get DigestEasy into him and it will stop any ear infection / green mucus appearing. That's a good result!

- I put a few drops in to anything I am cooking (I use the cap on the bottle) while it is on the stove, or even in the mixing dish, and it will not give Jack any reactions. I thought the heat/cooking would kill any good it would do - but NO not this stuff!

- I have taken to using So Good Soy milk in my cooking. So Good Soy milk does not make a good white sauce for lasagne, so I use half that and half cows milk (*gulp*) and a few drops of DigestEasy, heaps of cheese (*gulp, gulp*) and he DOES NOT REACT.

- John can take Jack to the farm on friday night, let Nanna feed him heaps of food he's intolerant to (don't ask) and bring him home on Monday, and I can still save him with a measured dose (.5ml per 1kg of body weight) and no ear infections. That's a good result!

- we travelled to Tasmania with a tiny bottle of DigestEasy wrapped in a wet towel, packed in a ziplock bag. Canberra to Melbourne with an unscheduled overnight stopover, then onto Hobart and back to Melbourne, then Canberra. That bottle was in and out of suitcases and fridges and had its own unscheduled stopover overnight in Jack's suitcase. It was alright until the second week and then it just didn't seem to work (and let me just say my pulse rate escalated at that point). I think that's a question for Professor Cliff Hawkins. Maybe he could sell travel bottles or maybe I should have put it in an esky bag thingy.

I am also experimenting with John who gets WILD hay fever at the farm (and we are going to move there soon so go figure). I've given it to him once before he mowed the lawn and he was good but he's also a *bloody, stupid* smoker, so I have to think about it a bit. He eats what Jack and I eat (ie. lots of DigestEasy) and come to think of it, his hayfever hasn't been that bad lately.

Can I just say that I love Professor Cliff Hawkins! He has changed my life and saved my little boy's life!

If you have allergies / food intolerances (dairy, egg etc.) and you're looking for something to help or thinking about trying this out, or your child gets bad ear infections... then get some DigestEasy NOW. RIGHT NOW. Don't hesitate. It's brilliant.

email: cliff.hawkins[at]bigpond[dot]com or write PO Box 86 Archerfield QLD 4108.



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