Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday box

I was also recently asked by a colleague to make a gift box for his wife. He had bought her a present and wanted a nice box to put it in. It beats me why the jewelry shop didn't provide him with one when he purchased a REAL string of pearls and earrings to match. He asked me if I wanted to keep the pearls while I made the box. I declined. I thought about running away to the bermuda triangle for about 2 seconds, but then I thought... "No, I wouldn't make it out the door"...

He's a lovely man, who obviously adores his wife. So I went away and thought about it for months and eventually produced this in the nick of time. He told me it was for her birthday, he'd bought pearls, and she liked purple. I was sweating on this one! - sometimes if you know a bit about the person you can't see past their 'perceived' opinion to create it for them! Yes, and that is flocking you can see on the body of the box. Velvet flocking. So decadent!

I hope she likes it. My critic (she knows who she is) tells me that his wife will love the fact that he asked someone to make a box for her gift. Apparently she has a chronic illness, so that makes it more poignant.



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